Ask Elnora--About Saying Goodbye? Lenora Worth

Never can say goodbye. Remember that song by the Jackson Five? Elnora can't say goodbye either but I can say so long and farewell ... for now. I'm taking a break from blogging every Friday but I will still be on the Craftie Ladies schedule so I'll pop up when you least expect me! Like a bad penny or a dandelion that can't wait for spring.

We've had some memorable discussions here, mostly about books and shoes, of course! We've talked about plotting and bread pudding, chocolate and characters, settings and sedatives, suspense and suspenders (okay, maybe not suspenders but that just sounded so right.) We've talked about POV and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. We've covered a lot of issues with a lot of tissues!

You've all been on many of my adventures with me and you all know way too much about Big Daddy!!! And I've learned a lot about our precious readers from all over the world. I met  my dear friend Olufisayo here and we've been pen pals for years now! She's working hard on her own publishing dreams and I'm very proud of that. I've talked to Aussie Jennie here and learned about her beautiful Australia! So many good times, but we never can say goodbye.

I've never been the kind of blogger who can write a term paper each week. I write what I feel and I write to make people laugh and ponder and wonder. And discuss and dissect and yes, digress. Sometimes digressing is the only expressing we can make! So I've had fun and now I've got to run.

But I'll be around (probably at  either the seashore or the shoe store!)