Knife and Sheath by White Wolf

Blade is forged from a section from an old Black Diamond file and is 4-3/8 X 1-1/8, filework at the thumb position, false edge on top at tip.

4-1/2 inch handle is air-dried Eastern hickory limb cut 4 years ago, shaped octagon and tapering from blade to natural limb size with bark remnants, rawhide wrap with deerskin overwrap (treated with special glue for lifetime durability) at the bolster, 7 brass nails along the edge of the rawhide and a small copper heart on handle end.   The knife OAL is 9 inches.  Feels great in the hand and is very unique.

Sheath has an inner core of 7-9 oz. vegetable tanned cowhide, a full blade welt and is covered with tanned deerskin.  The belt loop takes a 1-1/2 inch + belt.  Sheath decoration includes deerskin fringe, aged brass beads,  red glass beads, blue glass beads, a stone bead, aged brass and tin cones, horsehair and a small medicine bundle with very old tobacco inside.

Copy and photos supplied by White Wolf.