Back to School

Deb Kastner here.  Hard to believe it's time to wave good-bye to summer say hello to another school year.  Truth be told, I'm looking forward to sitting outside on my deck and enjoying the mild weather while I write--at least until the snow starts flying.

My children are grown now, but back-to-school at our house was never about sending the kids out the door so I, Mom, could enjoy a little peace and quiet.  I homeschooled my three daughters, so back to school meant the end of lazy summer days and back to lesson plans and structure.

Even so, I always delighted in basking in the back-to-school supply aisles.  We weren't confined by the lists created by the local school district, so we bought what looked interesting.  We did a lot of projects during the early years, so tape, glue, colorful construction paper and glitter were high commodities.  Good days!

I have a secret.  I still love to shop for school supplies.  My writer's heart delights in stacks of spiral notebooks (college-bound with nice solid lines) bold, multi-colored gel ink pens, and most especially, those adorable little memo books I have strategically situated throughout my house and in my car and bag.  I never know when the answer to a sticky plot point or an especially interesting snippet of dialogue will pop up.  Those tiny notebooks are my lifesavers!

So what about you?  What is your favorite part of back-to-school?

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