RBB Kulturradio and Me

I started listening to RBB Kulturradio after I realised nobody was going to take me under their wing and teach me about classical music, so I might as well start educating myself. My favourite show is the phone-in where people have to guess the tune, because all humankind is there, from know-it-alls to humble pie-eaters. Sadly it's only on once a month and I can never remember what it's called. They also have decent literary coverage and occasional radio plays. I don't listen on Sundays though because it's too religious for my taste.

This summer they're running a series of blogger profiles. A while ago Johannes Fischer and I sat in the park with a couple of beers and talked on tape - about books and blogging, and drinking and writers. There were some buskers but he paid them to go away. Now you can listen to what he put together. My auntie disapproves of the line "sie trinkt gern" and I did indeed feel a little consternation at being described as such. But I suppose it's true.