Antique Civil War Bowie Knife by G.M. Thompson of Rockport, Massachusetts

Made by Massachusetts blacksmith, George M. Thompson of Rockport, the knife is well marked, G.M. Thompson in an arch over R.P. Mass. The double-edge blade is 8.25 inches long with as S-shaped guard and turned wood grip held with a single iron pin. This knife was featured in a detailed 2012 Antique Bowie Knife Journal article by noted expert Josh Phillips, who discovered the knife. Accompanied by original scabbard, this is one of three known examples. While blacksmith-made Confederate knives are fairly common, documented blacksmith-made Yankee knives are extremely rare. Blade ha dark pitting on both sides with surface ware. Iron crossguard with light surface rust. Entire knife has a nice dark untouched patina. Leather scabbard is well worn and the seams are unraveling at the tip.